New sculpture – crank clay torso

Another torso has recently been completed – height is approximately 70cm. It is made with crank clay using a plaster mould. This is the first cast from the original mould and has been glazed with Copper Oxide and Turquoise, similar to the bowls. It was fired to 1240°C in an electric kiln.

Sculpture in crank clay, approx. 70cm high
Sculpture in crank clay, approx. 70cm high

The plan now is to make a cast of this piece, further refine the shape and then create other sculptures based on this one. We have a couple of exhibitions coming up that have requested outdoor sculptures so we are trying to make some bigger pieces.

In this case we fired two torsos but sadly on the second one the glazes ran and took part of the bottom away. Although not exactly buried, it is now languishing – decoratively – in the garden flower bed!

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