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Here are some more images from my iPad of new sculptures:
IMG_1881The first sculpture (above) is crank clay fired to stoneware with oxides and glazed. This was sold by Barn Galleries at a recent exhibition at The Odney Club, Cookham.

The next is a commission going to By Gillian Gallery in Bourne End. It is imprinted clay with, leaves, lace, stamps, found objects and added stains and glazes.

The third is going to an exhibition at Stewkley Gardens run by Lendon Scantlebury, same as above for glazing, but also has gold leaf additions.

The fourth is another one made of crank clay, destined for Bucks Open Studios to be displayed in Roger’s lovely gardens at Broomfield Farm in Great Missenden.

2015 Bucks Open Studios will be open from tomorrow. We hope to see you there.

New garden sculpture

This stoneware fired torso is suitable for display in the garden or indoors.

Stoneware torso, approx. 85cm including base

The clay is impressed with ferns, lace and other marks while still soft. After the bisque firing, glazes and oxides are brushed and poured on. It is then fired to around 1240°C. I have an idea of how the glazes will colour, but the end result is serendipitous as I cannot predict exactly how the glazes react with each other. Opening the kiln is always a hold my breath moment – joy or back to the drawing board?

The plinth is wood, rescued by scavenging in skips, construction jobs and reclaim yards. It has been sanded, charred, polished and embellished with metal additions.

Hopefully it will be on display during our Bucks Open Studios event in June. Click on Exhibitions and Events for further details.

New sculpture – crank clay torso

Another torso has recently been completed – height is approximately 70cm. It is made with crank clay using a plaster mould. This is the first cast from the original mould and has been glazed with Copper Oxide and Turquoise, similar to the bowls. It was fired to 1240°C in an electric kiln.

Sculpture in crank clay, approx. 70cm high

Sculpture in crank clay, approx. 70cm high

The plan now is to make a cast of this piece, further refine the shape and then create other sculptures based on this one. We have a couple of exhibitions coming up that have requested outdoor sculptures so we are trying to make some bigger pieces.

In this case we fired two torsos but sadly on the second one the glazes ran and took part of the bottom away. Although not exactly buried, it is now languishing – decoratively – in the garden flower bed!

Work in progress – poppies

With many events around the country in 2014 to mark the centenary of WW1, poppies were more popular than ever. Tom Piper and Paul Cummins, who filled the Tower of London moat with their “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red”, took the symbolism up to a scale not seen before. Anyone who visited the installation of 888,246 ceramic poppies could not fail to be moved by what they saw.

I’ve been making ceramic poppies as garden sculptures for a couple of years. Currently I am working on a commission that will group seven poppies and have been experimenting with different designs.

Below are a couple of preview images, from my iPad, of work in progress prior to firing.


Poppy seed head and emerging flower


Poppy seed head