Latest work

4 chicken stack. Raku fired with metal and found wood.
Raku fired large chicken
Raku fired medium lying hare
‘Are we there yet’ Raku penguin and chick.
5 chicken stack. Raku fired with metal and found wood.
‘Romantic A**’ Romantic Art styled stoneware fired bottom. Impressed and decorated stoneware clay.
‘A** Deco’. Art deco design on stoneware bottom. Multiple glazes. This could be a vase or a statement piece.
‘Autumn Leaves’ Wall hanging torso with impressed design, multiple stoneware fired glazes. Can be hung indoors or outdoors.
Large sitting polar bear, Raku fired and Raku fired polar bear
Large standing Raku fired polar bear
Hare-o-plane. Raku fired hare on antique wooden plane
Hare-o-plane. Raku fired two hares on antique wooden plane
Hare-o-plane with gunner. Raku fired hares on antique wooden plane.
‘Soar’ Stoneware fired female torso, impressed decoration and multiple glazes, with metal, and on found wood naturally cracked.
Stoneware fired bust with red flower. Multiple glazes on white clay.
Stoneware fired octopus, multiple glazes and lustre firing.
Pebble pot. Raku fired with horse hair and feather decoration and post firing pebble addition.
Commission for London restaurant. Stoneware, inlay decoration and ceramic decals.
Small lidded jars, crank clay (approx 15cm high)
Large lidded jar with found forged metal leaf (approx 30 cm high)
Porcelain ‘just a splash’ vase
Porcelain ‘just a splash’ bowl
Small ceramic Mother and Child sculpture
Indoor/outdoor crocosmia female on wood (approx 65 cm + 25cm)
Obvara owl on antique sprayer
Raku sculpture menagerie