Raku penguins – first look

New additions - Raku penguins
New additions – Raku penguins

As well as working towards a couple of future exhibitions and keeping up with the orders from galleries, a new raku-fired animal sculpture has joined the menagerie. We have been working on this for a while and finally have something we think is worth showing.

Welcome to the penguinery. The adults are 20-30cm tall.

We would love to hear your first impressions so please leave a reply using the link above.


    1. Hi Sheila,
      I haven’t done much naked Raku. The process we mostly use is just Raku. The pieces are bisque fired. They are then glazed- mostly with a white Raku glaze or with coloured stains added. They are fired to 1000 degrees Celsius, taken out of the kiln at that temp. The glaze starts to crackle and the pieces are placed in a bin with sawdust and covered completely. After 15-20 min they are removed, allowed to cool completely and then cleaned up. I hope that helps.

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