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Waterside Tile picture

I did a Summer project with a group of people with a range of disabilities. We made a tile picture to represent where they live and their interests and creativity. I am always impressed by the imagination and thought they put in to their work.

The challenge for me was to fix everything to a backing, grout it and frame it.

The completed tile picture for Waterside

Raku workshop

On Sunday December 4th, Richard and I did a workshop for a group in Medmenham. The youngsters ranged from 8-17 years old. They glazed their pottery pieces and then we fired them. We even tried some Obvara firing. We  were blessed with perfect weather.

setting up the kilns

setting up the kilns

Everyone had a good time and the results were great.

keeping an eye on the firing

keeping an eye on the firing

glazing the pottery

glazing the pottery

the hardest bit is cleaning the pots afterwards!

the hardest bit is cleaning the pots afterwards!

I loved the chickens. They came out to be nosy.

cropped chicks-small jpg



Another potter in the family

Christmas has slowed down the production of new ceramic pieces. I am now gearing up to resume making.

During the school holidays my niece came to glaze some pieces she had made with me earlier in the year. She combined the glazes in an interesting way, so I am looking forward to the results.

Watch this space…

Ready for glaze firing

Ready for glaze firing

Wind chimes completed

Here are the results of the workshop at New Generation Care in Byfleet (see New Generation Care Clay Day post, 18 August). Everyone now has a colourful wind chime that can hang inside or out in the garden. I think they really worked out well – photos from my iPad.

Wind chimes - the result of everyone's efforts

Wind chimes – the final result of everyone’s effort

New Generation Care clay day

Last Friday I took clay, tools and a few helpers down to New Generation Care in Byfleet for what is becoming an annual “play with clay day”. The starting point was to make wind chimes and the group developed this with their own ideas to make some very imaginative and unique pieces. They spent a couple of hours cutting, stamping, carving and sticking. Helpers were NGC care staff along with Christine, Georgia, Frankie, and Richard.

It shouldn’t be too long before the results are all fired and glazed, ready for delivery to Byfleet…. watch this space for photos of the final creations!


Bucks Pottery and Sculpture Society Raku day

On Saturday, an unexpectedly warm day, members of BPSS and friends gathered at Elaine’s farm in Drayton Beauchamp to Raku their pottery. Richard and I managed to fire over 60 pieces in the day. Paula did some smoke firing as well.

It was a beautiful setting and we were accompanied by red kites and buzzards circling overhead, not to mention numerous dogs and Elaine’s daughter’s magnificent horses. I even managed to find a few loose horse hairs to make a horsehair pot.

Thanks to Peter for the following images of the day’s work:

BPPS members busy glazing prior to firing

BPSS members busy glazing their pieces prior to firing


Contents of the kiln just after opening

Contents of the kiln just after opening


Carol and Richard remove pots from the kiln

Carol and Richard remove pots from the kiln


A productive day's work by all!

Results from a productive day!


Medmenham Raku workshop

On 27th June Richard and I led a raku workshop for the pottery groups run by Suzanne Phillips. This was held in the beautiful grounds of Suzanne’s house and studio in Medmenham on the River Thames. The weather wasn’t perfect but we were surrounded by baby chicks, nesting ducks, sheep and lambs; so lot’s of “aaahhhs…” and not just at the pottery as it emerged from the kiln!