Sculptures find new homes

Appreciation comes in many forms. For a struggling potter, seeing a customer come back to buy more work is perhaps one of the most satisfying!

A lady who bought a female figure sculpture from Stewkley Garden Exhibition in the summer came back to visit us yesterday. She was enjoying her original purchase so much that she decided to take two more. It was an exciting day and I am truly grateful, as always, that someone else enjoys the ceramics that we produce.

Amersham Artisans next weekend, so hopefully a few more pieces will be admired enough to find their way into Christmas stockings.

Fern impressed stoneware female figure.
Fern impressed stoneware female figure. Stains, oxides and glazes.
Grapevine impressed female figure. Crank clay with oxides and glaze.
Grapevine impressed female figure. Crank clay, stoneware fired with oxides and glaze.

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  1. Hi Carol:

    So glad your female sculptures are selling well. Now how about some males? In this new, more open social climate, they should sell very well.
    I gave the pieces I bought from you to Vivian (bowl), Diane (jug), and Nancy( candle holders, so you are known in America!

    Love, Shirley

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