Chiltern Arts Festival, 28-29 June

I spent this weekend at Chiltern Open Air Museum for the Chiltern Arts Festival. Richard and I set up a glazing workbench and the Raku kiln which enabled us to produce more animal sculptures as well as demonstrate the process to onlookers. Although the mixed weather – thundery showers punctuated with some sunshine – may have discouraged big crowds, the event kept us busy answering questions from a steady stream of curious visitors.

Getting pieces out of the kiln in the rain was challenging and as the picture shows, this was a two-person operation with umbrellas needed to prevent water damaging the work. The Pimms tent and live jazz from the Green nearby helped to prevent stress levels getting too high!

Another hare cools to crackle the glaze while being protected from the rain. Not ideal conditions for watching the process!
The hare emerges from the wood shavings prior to final cooling and clean-up
Glazed cow waits on the glazing bench for the next kiln run
Completed guinea fowl pose for a portrait (see picture of work in progress in the final BoS posting on 26 June)