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China to China

So, back towards the end of last year some of my little porcelain bowls were taken to China.

little bowls


In return, I was delighted to receive these beautiful  bowls and 3 small packets of clay. one of porcelain, one of yellow and one of red clay. I have only opened the porcelain, which was a grey colour and hard to believe it would fire to white.

Chinese bowls

It was only 500g of clay and was very smooth to throw and did turn white on firing. The result was these small bowls  – which are going back to China next week. Who knows…….. ??

It is always fun to be asked to do something different.


China to China



St Ives adventure

We are off to St Ives from July 23-30th. A group of us from Bucks Potters have hired the Salthouse Gallery in the centre of St Ives. We will be exhibiting ceramics, sculpture and photographs. If you are in the area, it would be brilliant to see you.

The Salthouse Gallery, St Ives

The Salthouse Gallery, St Ives

West Forest Potters Raku Day

July 2nd, We took part in a Raku day for West Forest Potters.

Richard and I on Raku, Martin on Raku and Wendy and Debbie were smoke firing. In spite of some serious downpours, everyone had a good time and there were some interesting results.

Wendy with some smoke fired pots

Wendy with some smoke fired pots




Martin Raku firing

Martin Raku firing




Welcome to

Having so far relied on Flickr for sharing images of my pottery and ceramics, I am now expanding my web-presence to this – – to include news and a program of events.

Expect to find mainly images of my work, both old and new, together with information about collaborations, commissions and more. The news section (that’s this bit) will be used to update anyone interested on what’s happening with exhibitions, demonstrations, galleries and any other news that I think may be of interest.

Enjoy visiting the site and please send me feedback either on the pieces shown in the galleries or anything else!

Oh, and come back again soon….