Wooburn Visual Arts Exhibition – last day today

This week has been Wooburn Festival Visual Arts Exhibition, where we have exhibited various raku sculptures. Hares, Polar Bears and Penguins among others. The exhibition has been a good mix of wall art and ceramics and has been busy all week. There is also a silent auction of postcards created by the contributing artists, winners to be announced today.

Penguins at Wooburn
Penguins at Wooburn

Conversation overheard on Friday at the exhibition as two visitors admired the penguin sculptures…

“I do like the penguins…. lovely pieces…”

“Are you going to buy them?”

“I’d love to but they’d look too big next to my polar bear…”

“Perhaps get a bigger polar bear?”

Wooburn Visual Arts Exhibition - last day today
Visual Arts Exhibition at Wooburn – last day today

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